What is a Spitfire?

There is a new generation of woman. A generation of woman that's smart, sexy, intelligent, hard-working, driven, and goal-oriented. She's a go-getter.

We're leading the way in making sexy products for this new generation of woman. Smart products that help her achieve her goals and be the best she can be.

It used to be that a spitfire was a strong-willed woman with a fiery temper (and the name of a WWII fighter aircraft). That word is due for a positive re-definition. The word spitfire embodies the ambition, intelligence, and beauty of the modern day woman. The modern day woman is a modern day spitfire.

About Spitfire Darkstar

Spitfire Darkstar is the premier resource for women who truly want to achieve their fitness goals and who want to surround themselves by fellow legendary women who share a success-oriented mindset.

You know that achieving your goals takes extreme dedication. Intensity. Sweat, tears, and sacrifice. You have to lift serious weights, run hundreds of miles, eat lean and clean, and never quit. Real transformations don't happen overnight. Sometimes, they take years. This is a lifestyle, not a weekend juice cleanse.

We want to help every woman see the many beautiful forms of what strong and sexy looks like and what it takes to get there. The rest is up to you.

Spitfire is for women whose feet hurt from kicking so much ass.